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ZenCart, is hailed as an unparalleled solution for eCommerce owners all around the globe and is making online easier and successful than ever. This open source and easy-to-use platform is also celebrated for its huge community support and preferred over most commercial cart solutions in the market. Not only the source code of the ZenCart is absolutely customisable allowing users to tailor their websites exactly the way they wish but it comes with a bundle of features that can make any site a top contender in the online market space. So, what makes the ZenCart development a winning solution and what are in its bucket to offer to the eCommerce entrepreneurs? Let’s try finding out that looking at its prominent merits.

Unmatched product management
The chief aspect of an online business is the techniques to manage its huge product base, comprising of hundreds of thousands of items under variant categories. The set of tools provided by the platform to manage them is thus a great concern for the business owners. However, ZenCart, as claimed, offers a range of options for proper product management like picking information to display in product details, sorting products into multiple categories/sub-categories, managing product reviews, controlling the stock level and so forth.

Wide spectrum of templates for complete customisation
Most business owners seek for a store that is carved as per their wishes and customise it to the core to make it unique. Thus, a shopping cart solution without adequate options of templates and themes fail to make an imprint in the eCommerce sector. ZenCart comes with a host of templates, both free and paid, that can make anyone go crazy and craft their store in the way they want.

Robust community support
While there is no official support from the end of the platform, the good point is there is a robust community support which plays back the role of a formal admin. There’s no question that cannot be answered back on the common forums of ZenCart by developers. Needless to say, they are technically sound with in-depth expertise in eCommerce and hence it is really fast to get any solution to a problem.

Extensive set of add-ons
Unlike many other platforms, ZenCart possesses a bundle of useful add-ons that are easy to download and install any time to make a website more pleasant or extra functional. To add more, one can avail all of them at free of cost and they are instantly available from its official site of the platform. Some popular add-ons that can help a site to score better:


  • Aftersales Email Review Reminder: Reminds customer to write a review on the purchased item.
  • Aftersales Email Contact customer: Contacts the buyers who created an account but have not yet purchased anything.
  • Abandoned Shopping Cart Remainder: Sends an email to those who left items in the cart but did not check out.
  • Better Together Centerbox: Allows creating a separate box in the website’s main page showing all the greater discounts and deals together.
  • Cart Upsell: Shows up the “Also purchased” products with a particular product that probably complements its use or is related to it.


While this was all about ZenCart and how one can realise the most out of it and make an eCommerce site incomparable in the market, let’s not forget the need for professional and adept eCommerce development team for the same. With such a best-in-class platform and full-fledged support from development experts, retail merchants or owners are pretty sure to bloom in the online market.